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Carbochem has been a multi-decade supplier of high-quality chemicals that include both Isocyanuric and Zirconium products.
Isocyanuric Products

Isocyanuric products are essential to swimming pool treatment and sanitization. They are available in bulk bags, drums, small bags, granular, and powder forms. Carbochem stands out as a major supplier of isocyanuric products to the US market for over a decade, providing distributors and retailers with reliable solutions. Our extensive track record underscores our commitment to the quality and consistency of our products.


Cyanuric Acid

Zirconium Products

Carbochem has pioneered US-based technology to produce exclusive grades of Zirconium for antiperspirants, paint driers, paper coating, and catalysts. As a major supplier to the US markets for over 20 years, Carbochem’s commitment to quality and innovation has solidified its position as a trusted source for Zirconium products that achieve specific application needs.









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The guiding principle of Carbochem is to provide value to customers by developing proprietary products that can offer a performance cost benefit and improve efficiency.