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Activating Change, Catalyzing Sustainability

Providing high-quality activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and industrial chemicals for a range of applications.
At Carbochem, we stand out for accessibility, technical expertise, and efficiency. We provide an alternative to navigating the complexities and inefficiencies of big company culture. Our commitment is to deliver top-quality activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and industrial chemicals that excel in performance and champion sustainability.

We help customers reduce costs through expert technical support and process optimization, bypassing the red tape found in larger companies. At the heart of our mission is the cultivation of enduring partnerships.

Activated Carbon

Carbochem® Activated Carbon is certified for ​ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and ideal for a range of specialty applications.


IonPlus™ Ion Exchange Resin is available for a range of water treatment and separation requirements.


Industrial chemicals based on zirconium and isocyanuric acid.

Our Markets and Applications

Activated carbon is an amazing adsorbent thanks to its large surface area, pore structure, and reactivity. It can clean, remove chlorine, deodorize, and remove color from various substances in liquids and gases. This makes it a cost-effective choice in many industries like chemicals, gas purification, pollution control, and water treatment.

Food Processing
Our products enhance quality by purifying and improving the appearance, ensuring compliance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61. Learn More.

Purifying liquid sugar and improving its quality, our products effectively remove unpleasant tastes, odors, disinfectants, and enhance color stability. Learn More.

Municipal Water Treatment
The first use of activated carbon for municipal water treatment dates back to more than 2000 years ago when the product was used in char form. Learn More.


At Carbochem, we are committed to environmental preservation and fulfilling our civic responsibilities. Our foremost contribution lies in the promotion of resource-efficient practices.

Through a combination of innovative processes and the products we provide, we actively reduce water and energy consumption in bottling plants. We also facilitate the use of lower-grade sugars, broadening the spectrum of supply chain options and enhancing sustainability.

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