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Activated Carbon

Explore Carbochem® Activated Carbon: Certified quality for diverse applications. ISO 9001, NSF, USDA, Kosher, and FDA compliant.
30 Years of Reliability, Quality, and Service

Carbochem offers a complete range of activated carbon (granular and powder) based on bituminous coal and wood.

Carbochem® Carbon has been certified and approved for the following QC standards: ISO 9001, ANSI/NSF Standards 61, 42 and 372, Food Chemicals Codex, National Organic Program established by the USDA, Kosher and Halal. In addition, Carbochem Manufacturing facilities have been registered under the Bioterrorism Regulation as required by the U.S. FDA.


QC & Traceability (Certificate of Analysis for each lot)

We provide exceptional technical support and believe in dedicated customer service
Major Markets

Water Treatment: Municipal, Beverage

Food Processing: Decolorizing, Purification (sugar, glucose, MSG, fruit juice, edible oils, glycerin etc)
Typical Properties of Carbochem® Grades

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GradeA.D.Iodine No.MeshApplication
DC-400.48105012 x 40Decolorizing
DC-500.48105012 x 40Acid Washed
LQ-90050.509508 x 30Water Treatment
LQ-12400.5095012 x 40Water Treatment

Providing Value

Our marketing philosophy centers on providing added value to our customers rather than solely pursuing cheap activated carbon sales. We prioritize problem-solving and process optimization, ensuring our products not only address challenges but also enhance efficiency. By focusing on these parameters, we cultivate relationships built on trust and mutual benefit, elevating our brand beyond mere transactions.

Here are two examples of initiatives to provide value to customers:


Innovative process to treat high color sugar to reduce sweetener cost for soft drink producers


Proprietary Activated Carbon Filter design for bottling plants to reduce operating and capex costs, improve operating efficiency, reduce water & energy consumption, eliminate microbial contamination.

Optimize Beverage Plant Efficiency

Discover how our proprietary ACF can enhance efficiency and reduce costs in your beverage production process.