Water Treatment: Beverage Industry and Activated Carbon Filters

Water Treatment: Beverage Industry and Activated Carbon Filters
Carbochem specializes in water treatment applications for both Municipal and Beverage and has been supplying to bottling plants worldwide and major drinking water plants in the U.S. for more than 20 years. We focus on providing value to our customers such as problem solving and process optimization to improve efficiency and reduce costs, in addition to supplying superior quality activated carbon and ion exchange resins.

Activated Carbon Filters
As part of our commitment to solving problems and adding value, we have developed proprietary design information relating to activated carbon filters (ACF) to minimize microbial formation and improve the operating efficiency, including reduction of water and energy consumption, in order to offer an optimized carbon filter to our customers. We are working with major bottling companies around the world to supply our proprietary ACF.

In our experience, we have found that the majority of problems related to operating problems, including microbial contamination and premature breakthrough, are the result of improper activated carbon filter design and incorrect backwashing and sanitizing procedures. There are 3 major cost areas involved:
• Capital cost (mainly equipment such as ACF, particularly those incorporating a false bottom or nozzle plates).
• Operating costs (such as water usage in backwashing and sanitizing steps, and especially wastage, which is a key part of any corporate sustainability program, downtime etc)
• Filtration media costs (carbon change out and replacement)

The information below highlights the differences and problems encountered with nozzle plate filters, compared with Carbochem’s proprietary ACF.

Carbochem® Activated Carbon Filter and Underdrain – Benefits and Advantages

Process Optimization & Cost Reduction for Beverage Plants

Activated Carbon Filter with Nozzle Plate

Beverage Industry: Design & Operating Parameters

Granular Activated Carbon Specifications for Bottlers

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